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The Nomadic Traveler team consists of like minded travelers. We've dedicated ourselves to the exploration and study of the world and it's cultures. There's too much adventure, diversity and beauty waiting for us to spend our time sitting at home. That's our belief anyway and if you agree you're just the person we're trying to reach! On this website we aim to share our stories with you. Hopefully you will find our experiences and advice helpful on your adventures.

About This Site

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The Team

Kiegan Scott
In 2014 I rented out my house and became a homeless traveler. I hope to visit every country in my lifetime.
I’ve visited 23 out of 217 countries. That is 10.60%%.
Aman Mehta
I fell in love with traveling 2 years ago at a young age of 21. Since then, I have graduated from college, rejected lucrative job offers, and started working as a digital nomad to achieve my dream to travel the world. I am in love with the mountains, and I like to travel to offbeat locations and interact with the locals.
Stacy Foo

Born on the sunny island of Singapore, I’ve never truly felt at home in the concrete jungle. After four years conforming to the societal standards of a 9-to-5 job, I packed my bags and left for my first backpacking adventure. Following my love for the ocean, my travels eventually led me to the island of Bali. Today, this beautiful place is my second home.