Since the US Virgin Islands is one of the most popular Caribbean travel destinations, there’s no doubt you’ll find a great nightlife there too. If you’re looking for a party, then head for St. Thomas. St. Thomas nightlife has plenty of great options for partying well into the night.

Since St. John is mostly a national park, there’s obviously not going to be a lot of nightlife going on there. And St. Croix is pretty laid back as well. So our US Virgin Islands nightlife guide is going to focus on St. Thomas. So whether you’re looking for a swanky lounge, dive bar, or an all night dance party, let’s take a look at what nightlife options St. Thomas has to offer.


Most of the resorts and hotels on St. Thomas offer up some type of nightlife option. Bars, restaurants, pool tables, and even karaoke can be found at various locations. And you don’t usually have to be staying a particular resort in order to enjoy the nighttime activities. Some resorts may also offer fun entertainment shows like calypso singers, steel drum players, and mocko jumbie dancers. Beach volleyball tournaments sometimes pop up as well.


Theater life can also be found on St. Thomas. An early dinner and a live performance is a fun way to spend the evening. Concerts, ballets, plays, and orchestras perform throughout the year. Look for the Pistarckle Theater, Riechhold Center, and Tillet Gardens.


Like most any culture, the US Virgin Islands defines itself through its cuisine. Every celebration on the islands involves great food. Local foods have a Caribbean touch. But you’ll also find world cuisine as well, including American dishes.

Common Caribbean foods were influenced by the indigenous people of the islands as well as the Europeans and Africans that colonized the Caribbean. Fish soup is a popular thing to see on a local table as well as in the restaurants. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Stewed beef, goat, chicken, and oxtail are also popular. Common side dishes include rice, yams, plantains, sweet potatoes, cassava, and beans.

As far as drinks go, rum is the must try when visiting any Caribbean island. Each island tends to have their own rum variety. The US Virgin Islands are known for their Cruzan Rum. It’s manufactured on St. Croix. So lovers of rum will definitely love the opportunity to try local varieties.

For the more health conscious, sea moss is a popular drink common on the Virgin Islands. It’s made from boiled seaweed that is dissolved and then mixed with milk and spices. You’ll also find plentiful fruit juice choices too.

St. Thomas has some great dining options. You’ll find a wide price-range of restaurants, from local cafes to fine dining. Do don’t be afraid to try something new and local!


Here’s a look at a few top options travelers have picked out for some great St. Thomas nightlife destinations…

Iggies Beach Bar & Grill

It’s been voted as one of the best beach bars in the Caribbean several times. And it tends to be a hot tourist spot both day and night. Caribbean and American food is on the menu. And the bar typically has live evening shows for entertainment.

Hull Bay Hideaway

It’s located on the north shore of St. Thomas. Here you’ll find weekly themed dinner specials like Burger Night or Craft Brews Day. The bar also serves up a Happy Hour from 4pm-6pm every day. The beach atmosphere is definitely relaxing and Hull Bay Hideaway also offers live music and events as well.

Rum Bar

The Rum Bar is located at St. Thomas’ Marriott’s Frenchman’s Reef Resort. If you’re looking for a relaxing nightcap or just a low-key vibe, check out this place. The drink selection is pretty impressive. And the bartenders are known for being quite friendly!

Abi Beach Bar

This is a great place for a quiet night out. It’s located on a fairly secluded beach. Before a small road was built leading to it, it was only accessible by boat or a hike through the woods. You can enjoy your drinks on a lounge chair by the beach for an even more relaxing time.  Abi Beach Bar offers some tasty food options as well.

The Greenhouse

This popular restaurant is a popular dinner destination. It’s known for its delicious seafood. Later in the evening, it turns into a dance club. Patrons can dance to local DJs well into the night. There are also gambling video lottery machines on the premises as well.

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