Tokyo: the most populous city in the world. And home to arguably the best nightlife the world over too. So what is there to do in such a vast, sprawling metropolis at night? The answer is plenty!

Tokyo is such an eccentric city. And its nightlife is no exception. Plus there are countless choices to choose from for your night out in the city. Bustling and loud nightclubs, specialty clubs, pubs, and high-end bars are just a few of the many nightlife venues to consider. So let’s take a look at your options when it comes to a night out on the town in Tokyo…


You already know Tokyo is a vastly populated city. And there are certain districts that are better known for their nightlife than others. Here’s a quick look at several districts you may want to consider when planning your night out

Shibuya Tokyo

shibuya tokyo nightlife

This district is popular among the younger crowds. But there’s plenty to offer for pretty much anyone looking for a good time. Here you’ll find numerous bars, dance clubs, nightclubs, lounges, and also restaurants. It’s a more accessible neighborhood for foreigners who don’t know Japanese.


Shinjuku Tokyo Nightlife

Here you’ll find Japan’s largest red light district…Kabukicho. The area is full of neon signs, large billboards, and brightly lit streets. You’ll also find countless hostess clubs, bars, nightclubs, and massage parlors. The old-fashioned district of Golden Gai is also located here. It’s known for its narrow alleys and small local bars.


This district is one of the more accessible ones for foreign travelers looking for a good time. Foreign-friendly bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are found here. Be savvy while spending time here though. If you’re not careful, you can be over-charged for things just because you’re a foreigner.


Ginza Tokyo Nightlife

This is the more upscale district for nightlife. Here you’ll find fine dining restaurants, and chic nightclubs and lounges. You may find some establishments are not easily accessible and only cater to those who can speak Japanese. And expect a pretty hefty tab if you plan to party in this district.


This Izakaya in Tokyo is basically a pub that serves food and typically a selection of sake. Of course, when in Japan, one must always try the sake. The food and drink menu depends on where the pub is located in the city. It could be an upscale affair, or it could be a simple place that offers a plate of fish and plenty of sake. Some of the Izakaya may also be traditionally decorated as well for a more authentic Japanese pub experience. The Izakayas are usually open quite late and also tend to offer beer choices as well.


At night Tokyo transforms into a city of bright lights…with plenty of neon in the mix. There are quite a few observation decks that open at night to take advantage of the unforgettable nighttime Tokyo views. And if you’re looking to mix your nightlife with the views, there are some great dining options that offer views from their top floor locations. Check out the districts of Shiodome, Shinjuku, and Marunouchi for some great top floor restaurants. There’s nothing quite like dining against the backdrop of Tokyo at night!


Tokyo NightlifeTokyo Nightlife

Tokyo NightlifeTokyo Nightlife

Dining out is quite a big deal in Tokyo. Restaurants here take their food and dining experiences for guests very seriously. And the food…well it will definitely speak for itself. You’ll find all types of dining establishments in the city. From humble family eateries to high-end, three star Michelin restaurants…you definitely won’t run out of options.

Tokyo is also known for its quirky themed restaurants. Looking for a ninja themed place to eat? Head for the Akasaka district. Been always dreaming of a restaurant that has a prison theme? Well you’re in luck if you’re around the Shibuya district. There’s also a gothic church themed restaurant as well as a vampire one as well. For an entertaining dining experience you aren’t soon to forget, seek out one of these fun themed restaurants.


Looking for a place to dance or listen to live music? Tokyo nightlife has you covered. Dance clubs are very popular and can be found all over the city. Keep in mind that partying at a Tokyo club can get pretty expensive though.

Tokyo has a pretty eclectic music scene. You can head for a live music house and get acquainted with a local band. Music genres range from pop and disco to hard rock and pretty much everything in between.

No matter what your nightlife activity of choice is…you’re sure to find it in Tokyo. It’s a great place to party and meet plenty of new people in the process. And in such a huge city…the only problem may be figuring out which nightlife venue is your favorite!