One of the unfortunate things about life is the fact that we can’t be a nomad all the time. Often times traveling somewhere isn’t possible due to work or other commitments. Traveling can be expensive too and you don’t want to be breaking the bank to have a good time! Don’t let this get you down though because it’s easy to have a staycation without drifting too far from home. Whether you travel to learn about culture, enjoy the scenery or for leisure I’m confident that with a little knowledge and imagination we can make your next weekend as memorable as a trip to France!… Okay maybe not but we’ll make it better than your typical afternoon.

The first question you have to ask yourself is why you travel. Do you enjoy learning about other cultures? Does tasting foreign and exotic foods excite you? Or maybe you’re in it for the adventure? Watersports and rock climbing get you excited. Or maybe it’s just getting away from everything and relaxing on the beach? For many of you it’s a mixture of one or all of these things! If that’s the case this will be a breeze. Even if it’s not why not try switching things up? It’s easy to feel like you have to go to the airport and board a plane to truly travel but nothing could be further from the truth.

Cultural Staycation

Learning about other people’s cultures is a great reason to travel. Understanding one another’s lifestyles and beliefs is a great way to make the world a better place! Whenever I’m traveling I always make the effort to learn about the local way of life and to understand why they do things the way they do. The good news is, in this increasingly multi-cultural landscape, often times you don’t have to go to Thailand to eat Thai food or Ukraine to experience authentic Ukrainian dance. A quick look online will often lead you to a multitude of nearby cultural events. Don’t be afraid of going to a Cambodian festival because you’re not Cambodian. They’ll appreciate your desire to learn about their traditions and try their cuisine. You may be treated as a guest of honor. People love sharing their culture just as much as you love learning about it.

Adventurous Staycation

One of the great things about travel is the excitement and adventure it involves. Traveling can offer you new ways to get the adrenaline flowing through you and to test yourself. I’ve flown across the Serengeti in a hot air balloon, climbed Kilimanjaro and fought in a Muay Thai ring in Thailand and more all for the excitement of it. It’s obvious that I can’t do any of those at home but I might not see the opportunities. Sometimes we become numb to what’s available locally in our search abroad. Again, a quick internet search might be all that’s needed to satisfy your thirst for danger. Are mountains or lakes nearby? What kind of clubs are there that you can join? A friend of mine once joined a local hang gliding group to relieve his travel withdrawals. Try something new that scares you. Maybe it’s something as simple as talking to the cute person in the coffee shop.

Relaxing Staycation

You’re probably thinking that relaxing at home is simple and this style staycation needs no explanation. In my opinion this isn’t the case. There’s more to relaxing and unwinding than sitting in front of a TV on a Saturday. To truly be relaxed you have to unplug yourself from the environment that’s stressing you out. Kids running around the house is much different from kids running around a camp ground. Dreaming about a trip to the ocean to lay by the beach? Try the lake! Turn off your phones and spend the time with your family or friends. Try spending some time alone reading a book or meditating. Part of traveling is escaping from our own world and luckily our own world is pretty small.

There are probably people around the world planning trips to visit the part of the world you’re living in. Why not see why? Some people who have lived in New York their entire lives have never been to the statue of liberty. There’s a person in Rome who’s never been to the Colosseum. I’m also sure that they’re both saving up for a trip to see what the other already has. Keep an open mind and view the world from someone else’s mind. Hopefully that can hold you over until the next visit to the airport! Who knew a staycation could be so easy?

Staycation Ideas:

  • Paintballing
  • Laser tag
  • Camping
  • Visit local National parks
  • Go to the lake (or pool if not available)
  • Go golfing
  • Visit local zoos and aquariums
  • Check out the museum

These are just a few of many possibilities!