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My name is Kiegan Scott and traveling is my passion. If you’re reading this then I’m guessing that it’s your passion as well. Maybe it’s something you want to get passionate about. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting to plan your first trip I hope to share mine, and others, experiences here. Hopefully this helps you and entertains you going forward in your adventures.


On the side of Kilimanjaro – Africa

I first started traveling two years ago. Never having been outside of my country before, traveling wasn’t on the list of things I worried about. I stumbled into it almost by accident! My first trip started when I found myself at work reading an article about a charity group that had climbed Kilimanjaro. It sounded like an exciting idea and when I mentioned this to my co-worker he laughed and said he was willing to bet I could never make it to the top! My pride was hurt. My impulsiveness took over and by the end of the day I had booked my flight¬†found a company offering climbs up the African volcano!

My time in Africa was incredible. I hope to share it, and other stories, with you in the future. The rush I felt as I stood 19,340 feet above sea level on the tallest mountain in Africa was life changing. Afterwords I got to spend time with the Maasai. Then went on safari. I rode a hot air balloon ride across the Serengeti. Finally I decided to try my hand at scuba diving when I got to Zanzibar (the first of many dives across the world).

The flight home was not enjoyable. I couldn’t help feeling that I was traveling in the wrong direction. When I got home I found a renter for my house and became homeless. My travels had just begun.